The Revolutionist

Photo by Terrye Turpin

I hate revolving doors.

What is the etiquette?

If someone enters before you, do you wait until they are through?

Or do you push on in, quick rabbit hopping and small animal hoping you won’t be crushed as the heavy glass swoops toward you.

If someone enters after you, do you walk faster?

If you place your hands on the bar and push you might sweep them up and fling them out the exit, while you step past and remain stuck in another revolution.

There’s a regular door next to the revolving door. The sign pleads “Please use revolving door.” Does the “please” make the revolution optional? What if I just zip through the regular door, barely open it against the outside air?

I hate revolving doors.

That moment, trapped between the glass

when all street sounds are muted.

That’s when I know.

I’ll never get out of here alive.

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