I love to share stories set in Texas and other strange places. One of my favorite hobbies is digging through other people’s junk in thrift stores and antique malls. I find inspiration in the odd and cast off – sometimes scary stuff and sometimes not. I’ve never met a place too dusty or too strange to venture inside. You can find my stories online and in my collection published on Amazon. I’m working on my first novel and in the meantime you can get an idea of the type of tales I tell by listening to this one performed by Drew Blood’s Dark Tales: https://youtu.be/MQ3Hb2IAmF0

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  1. Allow me a brief courtesy call today, dear friend. This is Selma, owner of intricaciesandfollies .com. Through this website, I have been following yours, but intricaciesandfollies is no longer working for me. Therefore, this is a courtesy call to let you know I will be unfollowing you from here and I want to invite you over to my new website: https://selmawrites.com from which I hope to follow you. Also, if you decide to honor me with a follow there, I have a free story for you when you join my newsletter. Nice, huh?!
    See, I told you it’d be brief… *wink*
    I hope to see you there. Thanks. Be well Ms. Terr. *wink* I Wish You Miracles. Selma.


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