Lemur Island is a Lonely Island

But It’s a Lovely Place to Visit Photo by Amy Reed on Unsplash We arrived at the zoo in a car loaded with boxes of books and mismatched towels, two tennis rackets, and some stereo equipment. I’d been lured into the trip by Andrew, my boyfriend back then. I love the opportunity to view any animal … Continue reading Lemur Island is a Lonely Island

Love and Frozen Peas

Antique Shop Display — Photo by Terrye Turpin The truest test of whether someone will stick by you ‘in sickness and in health’ comes from the ordinary ills — the soggy discomfort of the common cold or the excess body fluids that accompany the flu. You’d have to be a complete troll to abandon the loved one who had cancer … Continue reading Love and Frozen Peas

When We Are Small

Photo by Terrye Turpin Despite the crying during our last visit, we took our grandson, Will, back to the Heard Museum to see the robotic dinosaur display. When you are shorter than three feet tall anything larger than a cat is intimidating, especially if it has sharp teeth and looks like it might eat you. “He’s … Continue reading When We Are Small

Life Loves Fast Food

Dairy Queen — Photo by Terrye Turpin Drive-thru tacos taste like summer, Like girls in halter tops and cut-off shorts, And shirtless boys with swimming pool tans Wearing their father’s cologne. Cherry cola on crushed ice, Cold and sweating in the waxed cup, Flavored with music from an open car window, Tastes like rock and roll. Fast food … Continue reading Life Loves Fast Food

Where Beauty Belongs

Photo by Terrye Turpin I prefer not cool oceans, But desert sands harsh and strong. Show me no lush soft forest, Instead I seek, A place where true beauty does belong. Harder journeys to love Are often not taken, And easy lands and easy joys much too soon forsaken. I’ll trust my heart and faith To … Continue reading Where Beauty Belongs

Still Lovely

Photo by Terrye Turpin I found a clay pitcher packed awayConfined by fools as a lesser vessel.Yellowed paper crinkles with dusty bouquetAnd what at first sight is dull and greyWhen held in my hands and judged lessReveals gentle colors lovely in their usefulness.Faded glaze threaded with fine lines,Imperfections seen in harsh sunlightWhen softened at forgiving dusk,Are … Continue reading Still Lovely

What Will Answer When You Call My Name

Photo by Terrye Turpin My son, Andy, told me about the stray cat when I stopped over at his house for a visit. The cat, a scrawny orange and white tabby, wandered over to him at the park near his home. “I shared my snack with it,” he said. The cat, hungry enough to eat a … Continue reading What Will Answer When You Call My Name

Don’t Fence Me In Wichita Falls

My fiance, Andrew, loves Wichita Falls. We drove up there this weekend and he pitched an earnest plea for us to buy his childhood home. Besides the lack of a down payment, I was not swayed by the quaint architecture or the quiet neighborhood. "They had Fox News playing in the hotel dining room," I … Continue reading Don’t Fence Me In Wichita Falls