Hello From the 1960’s

At three years old, I’ve never worn this much makeup since. Mini me challenge I was born on my mother’s 42nd birthday, an unexpected present. My siblings were all much older than me, the youngest were the twins, my brother Ronnie and sister Janice. They were teenagers when I was born. Christmas Day 1963For playmates I had … Continue reading Hello From the 1960’s

Riding with Prince Charming

Photo by Terrye Turpin on the Waterlogue appMy first steady boyfriend drove a 1978 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Sport Coupe. The official name for the car’s color was Camel Brown, an unfortunate tag that suggests a lumpish, disagreeable animal. The license plate number was UAB711. I remember the license plate number because I spent most of … Continue reading Riding with Prince Charming