Cold Feet Warm Socks

A trail suitable for walking — Photo by Terrye TurpinUntil I met Andrew, the man who would eventually become my husband, I was blissfully unaware that there were socks designed for specific activities. I purchased my socks in bulk and in solid colors that eliminated the need to make sure I had on a matching pair. When I … Continue reading Cold Feet Warm Socks

The Divine Messenger

The Chihuahuan Desert — Photo by Terrye Turpin She woke with no memory of how she had arrived in this place. Her tongue clung to the roof of her dry mouth and her head throbbed as she sat up and looked around the cheap motel room. The place stank of mildew and pine scented disinfectant. Pain in her … Continue reading The Divine Messenger

A Bright and Shining Thing

Photo by Terrye TurpinThe phone lit up and buzzed her awake at 1 AM. She sat up in bed and stared at the unfamiliar number as her finger hovered over the screen. She hoped, prayed it would be her daughter Allison, but she hesitated. Late night phone calls did not carry good news. At last she … Continue reading A Bright and Shining Thing

Disconnection Notice

A Short Fiction Photo by Terrye Turpin I didn’t find the disconnection notice until I stopped at the mailbox on my way to work. The return address tucked into the top corner was for our local electric co-op. My name appeared in the clear plastic window on the envelope, but a yellow forwarding notice covered the … Continue reading Disconnection Notice

The Wind Repeats and Fades at Last

Source Looking back, I wonder if I missed a sign. Had I caught it early enough, could I have prevented the whole thing? I was having dinner and Ash was recharging when he first mentioned tin foil. “They call it tin foil, but it is actually aluminum foil,” he said. I put down the nourishment … Continue reading The Wind Repeats and Fades at Last

The Care of Cast Iron

My mother on the far left, cooking over an open fire.I cannot find my mother’s frying pan. The one she gave me before she moved into the nursing home, before she died, and after she stopped cooking for herself. Her hands were rough, large and knotted with arthritis. They shook as she held out the frying … Continue reading The Care of Cast Iron

The Glue That Binds Us

When my boyfriend, Andrew, told me he had ordered something special for my birthday, I didn’t know what to expect. We started dating in October, and for Christmas he gave me a television. He won it in a drawing at his company holiday party so it didn’t cost him anything, but still, it was a … Continue reading The Glue That Binds Us

A Hymn to Ninkasi

Photo by Terrye Turpin She glanced at the end cap filled with burnt umber bottles as she walked past the display. Garish labels in shades of hot pink and fluorescent yellow wrapped each glass container, and she stopped to draw a bottle from its cardboard carton. Beer was, had always been, her father’s choice. Memories of … Continue reading A Hymn to Ninkasi