Don’t Tread on Me

Photo by Ryan Grewell on Unsplash I’ve never liked escalators. I look at an escalator and I see big metal teeth waiting to grind up my feet. I have a problem with the last section, the one that goes under the metal strip at the end. I imagine myself being sucked down under like a cartoon … Continue reading Don’t Tread on Me


Lost Not Missing

Photo by Sandis Helvigs on Unsplash When my younger son, Andy, was 19 years old he was so thin the vertebrae in his back looked like rungs on a knobby ladder. Our nights were interrupted by Andy stumbling through the dark into the bathroom to throw up. His primary care doctor pronounced him “a little underweight.” … Continue reading Lost Not Missing

The Personal Touch

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash Before my divorce, I hadn’t thought much about underwear, other than the need to replace it if the elastic no longer held up or if the underwire in my bra decided to turn homicidal. I did stumble into buying something from one of those specialty stores, and to my surprise … Continue reading The Personal Touch