What I’ve Been Writing

This post should actually be titled "Where I've Been Writing." I've been busy creating fiction and essays over on the Medium website. You can access the stories through the links I've posted below, even if you don't have a Medium profile. I hope you enjoy the stories! https://psiloveyou.xyz/here-in-the-dark-beside-you-e970a2af88d6 https://theweeklyknob.com/the-impostor-1d2ce9ced013?source=friends_link&sk=b6a9de10bd092fd62610f836ade09651 https://theweeklyknob.com/the-lonely-voices-197216acd90a?source=friends_link&sk=186e546d804a2b04c0c7f01a8aedabe8 https://thecreative.cafe/the-rivers-b2abd135f3f https://medium.com/farrago-hotel/how-soft-the-night-how-clear-the-song-e3c3174faa84?source=friends_link&sk=5ceea13eb2ce248ec1b7da03a31a64fe  

What I’m Saying When I Say Nothing

The woman sitting next to me in the theater was a stranger, the sort of woman who would be hard to pick out of a crowd or a police line-up. “Well, she had bright red lipstick and fashionable clothes” probably wouldn’t be enough for a conviction or a second meeting. There was nothing about her … Continue reading What I’m Saying When I Say Nothing

Come on Baby Light my Tick

I started following Guadalupe Mountains National Park on Facebook because Andrew and I are headed there on our vacation, and I hoped to see some photos of beautiful scenery and maybe some suggestions for hiking. However, they began posting photos of snakes. The other day they shared an article about ticks. Right after I read … Continue reading Come on Baby Light my Tick

The Queens of Summer Camp

There were two groups of people in the small town I grew up in, those who went to church and those who didn’t. The church goers were overwhelmingly either Southern Baptist or Methodist. There were some Catholics over on the east side of town, but they mostly kept to themselves except for their annual Christmas … Continue reading The Queens of Summer Camp

Redneck Heaven

There was a story on the local news recently that was a perfect example of how local governments can act quickly on important issues, as opposed to the slow grind toward democracy in their state and federal counterparts. The coverage centered on Redneck Heaven, a restaurant in Lewisville, Texas. The controversy began with complaints to … Continue reading Redneck Heaven