Everyone’s Taste is Not Your Own

Photo by the author The past has flavor. It tastes like cherry popsicles melting red down your arm on a hot summer day. It might taste like Saturday night at home, watching the movie of the week and eating pepperoni pizza. The kind from a box kit, with tiny circles of spicy pepperoni swirled into … Continue reading Everyone’s Taste is Not Your Own


Finding Fossils in Ladonia, Texas

Ladonia Fossil Park - Photo by the author On a sunny Sunday afternoon Andrew and I drove to Ladonia, Texas to look for fossils.  They’d been waiting for discovery some eighty million years, so we were in no particular hurry to arrive. Small towns with quaint names peppered the map along the path we traveled … Continue reading Finding Fossils in Ladonia, Texas

Where Do You Go When You Can’t Go Out?

Photo by Terrye Turpin I hope everyone is safe and snug at home. I've given up the search for toilet paper. Instead I hear my mother's ghost warning me each time I approach the bathroom. Toilet paper must have cost more in the 70s. "Don't use so much! Stop spinning that roll!" Mom grew up … Continue reading Where Do You Go When You Can’t Go Out?

This is a War Machine

The USS Cavalla rests at Seawolf Park in Galveston, Texas. On June 19, 1944 she sank the Japanese carrier Shokaku, one of the warships responsible for the attack on Pearl Harbor. Andrew and I climbed down the ladder into the sub, a giggling group of teenage girls behind us. The Cavalla, decommissioned in 1946, was … Continue reading This is a War Machine

What Falls From the Sky Does Not Strike Me

The author — Photo by her patient husband, Andrew Our rented Buick rocked as the tractor trailers and rock haulers zipped past on the highway. I gripped the door handle, certain a homicidal maniac steered each truck rushing by, intent on racking up another victim on their way to the West Texas oil fields. We had selected the … Continue reading What Falls From the Sky Does Not Strike Me

Meet Me at the Vanishing Point

Another version of me has dirt under her fingernails Photo: Geri Lavrov/Photographer’s Choice/Getty Images PlusIf another me exists in another universe, I picture her clad in a red gingham dress or blue denim overalls. She toils on a farm surrounded by corn and cows. This is the life I might have lived, had I followed the … Continue reading Meet Me at the Vanishing Point