How Sweet It Is

Photo by the Author We didn’t need twenty-five pounds of sugar, but I felt a small thrill of satisfaction as I lifted the plastic bag onto my cart. The sensation could have been a stab of pain from hefting the heavy sack. “What will we do with that much sugar?” My husband, Andrew asked. “I’ll … Continue reading How Sweet It Is

Life Loves Fast Food

Dairy Queen — Photo by Terrye Turpin Drive-thru tacos taste like summer, Like girls in halter tops and cut-off shorts, And shirtless boys with swimming pool tans Wearing their father’s cologne. Cherry cola on crushed ice, Cold and sweating in the waxed cup, Flavored with music from an open car window, Tastes like rock and roll. Fast food … Continue reading Life Loves Fast Food

Why is Facebook Trying to Sell Me Funeral Potatoes?

This showed up in my Facebook feed the other night. Of course I clicked on the link and checked them out on the Walmart website. The back of the package states "Potatoes to die for" but I hope they don't mean that literally. You can buy a casket online from Walmart and opt for overnight … Continue reading Why is Facebook Trying to Sell Me Funeral Potatoes?

The Forbidden is the Sweetest

I’m cheating on my fiancé. I’d feel bad about it, but I suspect he’s cheating too. The little foil wrappers are evidence of his infidelity. I’m smarter than that, mine are stashed in my trash can at work. Andrew and I met online, matched up by our interest in hiking and our affection for cheese. … Continue reading The Forbidden is the Sweetest