You Can Blame My Mother

Distrustful Cat wonders who is at the door — Photo by Terrye Turpin I’ve legally changed my name one time. When I married my first husband, I took his last name, and it has stuck through a divorce and a second marriage. Turpin is unusual enough, but my first name is the one that strikes fear in the … Continue reading You Can Blame My Mother

You Can Lead a Pill Bug to Water…

But You Can’t Make Them Do Much Else. Photo by Terrye Turpin I’d been thinking about adopting a cat. I wanted a soft, purring companion, one that wouldn’t demand I hand over the remote as they snuggled up next to me on the couch. My vision didn’t include dumping out the litter box. Despite numerous calculations, … Continue reading You Can Lead a Pill Bug to Water…

The Summer of Lemons

Photo by Terrye Turpin I moved into my first apartment in 1979. The place came with shag carpet striped in an acid trip rainbow of purple, green, and brown. By the time my roommate Ann and I lived there the rug had collected a gummy overlay of tobacco and pot smoke, beer, and other substances we … Continue reading The Summer of Lemons

Here I am Sharing Stories

An index of my current work on Medium. If you’d like to follow my publishing journey, you can sign up for my newsletter with links to current stories here on Medium and elsewhere - A Nice Assortment — Photo by Terrye Turpin I’ve grouped my posts by genre and then by date with the oldest works first, in … Continue reading Here I am Sharing Stories

A Day Like Any Other

Oklahoma City National Memorial Photo by Terrye Turpin 168 bronze and glass chairs, arranged in 9 rows, stretched across the green field. My fiance Andrew and I drove up to Oklahoma City the day before, a Friday, and spent an endless, tiring day at the car dealership where Andrew negotiated the purchase of used BMW. I … Continue reading A Day Like Any Other

Here in the Dark Beside You

Carlsbad Caverns — Photo by Terrye Turpin I hesitated in the candlelight in front of the locked metal gate seven hundred and fifty feet underground. The cave was slightly warmer than the inside of a refrigerator and smelled of mildew and the earthy scent of bat guano. As I inhaled the cool, moist air I glanced around me … Continue reading Here in the Dark Beside You

Don’t Fence Me In Wichita Falls

Photo by Terrye TurpinMy fiance, Andrew, loves Wichita Falls, Texas. We drove up there this weekend and he pitched an earnest plea for us to buy his childhood home. The street and house where Andrew grew up.Besides the lack of a down payment, I was not swayed by the quaint architecture or the quiet neighborhood. “They had … Continue reading Don’t Fence Me In Wichita Falls