Where I’m From

Photo by Terrye Turpin

I’m from Friday night football games 
Third Quarter sitting with the band kids.
Fourth Quarter standing in the end zone 
Rooting for the visiting team.

I’m from Saturday night drive-in backseat sin
And Sunday morning sermons served 
with dinner on the ground, 
Communion with fried chicken.

Photo by Terrye Turpin

I’m from a land where 
Pump jacks bob against the horizon
Like the dinosaurs whose bones 
They pull from the earth.

Where I’m from we played half court basketball
Because girls could not be trusted 
To run the full length, goal to goal
Until Title IX gave us our breath.

Photo by Terrye Turpin

My great-grandmother treasured her Confederate flag
And courthouses commemorated with statues
That losing side.

Where I’m from defines my past but does not determine my future.

Where I’m from shows me how far I have to go.

Photo by Andrew Shaw

© 2018 Terrye Turpin

Thanks to Terijo for the inspiration.

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