Why is Facebook Trying to Sell Me Funeral Potatoes?

This showed up in my Facebook feed the other night. Of course I clicked on the link and checked them out on the Walmart website. The back of the package states "Potatoes to die for" but I hope they don't mean that literally. You can buy a casket online from Walmart and opt for overnight … Continue reading Why is Facebook Trying to Sell Me Funeral Potatoes?


You Don’t Have to Step on My Feet

As part of a pledge to try new things, I signed up for a night of dance lessons, and for good measure I talked my friend Kristy into accompanying me. Kristy was in her early 30’s, and still young enough to be excused for a lapse in judgement, but I was old enough to know … Continue reading You Don’t Have to Step on My Feet

I Can’t See You Because the Light is On

SourceDear Gables Residential Services: Thank you for installing the security light across the courtyard from my apartment. I feel so much more safe now, especially when I get up in the night to go to the bathroom or get a drink of water. The 1 million candle watt bulb you placed in the device illuminates … Continue reading I Can’t See You Because the Light is On

The Glue That Binds Us

When my boyfriend, Andrew, told me he had ordered something special for my birthday, I didn’t know what to expect. We started dating in October, and for Christmas he gave me a television. He won it in a drawing at his company holiday party so it didn’t cost him anything, but still, it was a … Continue reading The Glue That Binds Us

Just Where We Belong

  I hesitated when I saw the invitation in my email because I am not a fan of scary movies. I tolerate them because they are one of Andrew’s favorite genres. When he watches Alien Death Camp Holiday or Haunted Mental Institution Massacre, I sit beside him on the couch and mutter comments. “Did they … Continue reading Just Where We Belong

Lost Not Missing

Photo by Sandis Helvigs on Unsplash When my younger son, Andy, was 19 years old he was so thin the vertebrae in his back looked like rungs on a knobby ladder. Our nights were interrupted by Andy stumbling through the dark into the bathroom to throw up. His primary care doctor pronounced him “a little underweight.” … Continue reading Lost Not Missing

The Personal Touch

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash Before my divorce, I hadn’t thought much about underwear, other than the need to replace it if the elastic no longer held up or if the underwire in my bra decided to turn homicidal. I did stumble into buying something from one of those specialty stores, and to my surprise … Continue reading The Personal Touch

Password Questions I Might Remember

Who comes up with those password security questions? I recently had to update the ones on my bank account, and I had a devil of a time finding five that I knew the answer to. Really, questions about the middle name of my oldest female cousin on my father’s side? Does anyone ever answer that … Continue reading Password Questions I Might Remember

Riding with Prince Charming

Photo by Terrye Turpin on the Waterlogue appMy first steady boyfriend drove a 1978 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Sport Coupe. The official name for the car’s color was Camel Brown, an unfortunate tag that suggests a lumpish, disagreeable animal. The license plate number was UAB711. I remember the license plate number because I spent most of … Continue reading Riding with Prince Charming

The Forbidden is the Sweetest

I’m cheating on my fiancé. I’d feel bad about it, but I suspect he’s cheating too. The little foil wrappers are evidence of his infidelity. I’m smarter than that, mine are stashed in my trash can at work. Andrew and I met online, matched up by our interest in hiking and our affection for cheese. … Continue reading The Forbidden is the Sweetest