Road Trip Through Texas

Street scene in Waxahachie, Texas — Photo by Terrye Turpin

Street Photography Challenge

My husband and I live near Dallas, Texas and we are fortunate to have many interesting small towns within driving distance for weekend jaunts. We browse through antique stores and thrift shops and I always bring my camera along, looking for inspiration and hoping for a photo or two that will inspire a story.

Waxahachie, Texas

Skate Land in Terrell, Texas

Sometimes we’ll drive by an interesting place and I’ll beg Andrew to pull over so I can hop out and get a picture. The building above is definitely going to inspire a scary short story.

Comanche, Texas — The Comanche Chief Newspaper office, still publishing the news

Comanche, Texas

Denison, Texas

I love finding these old bicycles propped up outside shops.

Wichita Falls

Wichita Falls — The World’s Smallest Skyscraper

Abandoned Building in Mineral Wells

Haunted Building in Jefferson

I like to use my own photographs whenever possible in my stories, so you might see these pictures again someday.

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