Perspectives on Texas Towns

Antiques Shop Window Display in Downtown Wichita Falls, Texas

Street Photography Challenge

My husband and I love to travel on the weekends to visit the small towns near our home. Each place has a unique character that reminds me of the diversity within our state. Downtown Wichita Falls, Texas is experiencing a revival of sorts with small shops, breweries, and theaters opening in what were empty buildings. Our overall economy is thriving, but there are reminders everywhere of past financial booms and busts.

Empty Space in Downtown Wichita Falls, Texas— Former Home of Tru-Value

Nearby Denton, Texas is one of our favorite destinations. I snapped the photo below near dusk as we walked from one of our favorite eateries in downtown Denton.

Fenced off Construction Area in Denton, Texas

Classic Car Museum in Nocona, Texas

Three Heads are Better Than One in Waxahachie, Texas

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